LeAnn Rimes on her holiday obsession: 'I'm very much in love with Christmas'

Elena Sheppard
Wellness Editor

Speaking at AOL Build on Thursday, LeAnn Rimes talked about her musical cameo in the new movie Logan Lucky, also slipping in a little info about her recently announced Christmas tour.

“This is our fourth or fifth Christmas tour,” she said. “I’m very much in love with Christmas.”

This year does in fact mark Rimes’s fifth Christmas tour, and she’ll be taking her holiday cheer on the road this December by hitting cities from Nashville to Naples, Fla.

“I love all holidays,” Rimes said in the interview, expounding on where her Christmas love comes from. “My family — my godparents were actually really big into decorating and throwing huge holiday parties. My stepdad is actually huge into decorating.”

Rimes made clear that while she takes her holiday spirit on the road, her house is fully ready for the season, as well. “Between Halloween and Christmas, my house is all done up. My husband’s looking at me like, ‘Are you serious? Is it that time again? I really have to put this up?’ But yeah, I love it. I just love Christmas.”


As for why the tour has become somewhat of an annual tradition, Rimes said, “It’s a great time to tour because I feel like people are just in a different space, they’re in a different energy, they bring their families out. It’s a very joyful time of year and especially these last few years when we’ve been in this weird energy, it’s a moment where everybody just feels a little lifted.”

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