Lea Michele used to be career-focused 'to a fault'

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Lea Michele used to be so focused on her career that she had "a lot of blind spots" in her life.

During an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show on Wednesday, the Glee actress revealed that she was friends with her husband Zandy Reich for a while before they began dating because she "couldn't see things clearly" as she was so laser-focused on her career.

"I just couldn't see things clearly," she said. "It was all about my career, you know, I had been so career-focused my entire life. I think to a fault. I think that I had just this sense of drive that created a lot of blind spots for me in my life."

The 36-year-old admitted that marrying Zandy in 2019 and having their first child, son Ever, in August 2020 transformed her attitude.

"Then when I met my husband, it was a real sense of grounding for me, and then having our son and experiencing the challenges that we did throughout the pregnancy was something that, unfortunately, created a stronger bond in us that I would never wish upon anybody, but it did," she noted.

While pregnant with Ever, Lea was accused of acting in a rude manner and behaving with "traumatic microaggressions" towards Samantha Ware on the set of Glee back in late 2014, leading others to share stories about her being unpleasant to work with.

She directly addressed the allegations in a recent interview with The New York Times, saying, "I have an edge to me. I work really hard. I leave no room for mistakes. That level of perfectionism, or that pressure of perfectionism, left me with a lot of blind spots."

Lea is currently starring as Fanny Brice in the revival of Funny Girl on Broadway, and she said to Drew that her approach to work has changed.

"I'm really ready to take all of this on and do a great show every night but also have fun with my cast, come home and celebrate with my family, which is something I never did before," she shared. "I'm really enjoying being able to open my eyes to everything that's going on around me because it's all good and if it's not fun, then why do we do it?"