Laurence Fox clashes with Question Time audience member as he says Meghan Markle racism row is 'boring'

Jacob Jarvis

Laurence Fox clashed with a Question Time audience member as he rejected claims of racism against the Duchess of Sussex and said it was "racist" to be called a "white, privileged male."

The 41-year-old actor and musician waded into the debate surrounding press coverage of Meghan, which has been thrown into the spotlight following her and Prince Harry's decision to step down as senior royals.

A woman in the televised audience, addressing Mr Fox, said: "It's racism, she is a black woman, and she has been torn to pieces."

But Mr Fox dismissed this as he shook his head and said: "It's not racism."


He continued: "We're the most tolerant lovely country in Europe.

"It's so easy to throw the card of racism at everybody... and it's really starting to get boring now."

The row then heated up as she told him: "What worries me about your comment is is you are a white privileged male."

Laurence Fox said it was racist to call him a white privileged male (BBC)

He then angrily interjected with "oh god" and added: "I can't help what I am, I was born like this, it's an immutable characteristic.

"So to call me a white privileged male is to be racist. You're being racist."

Mr Fox had also said that racism should be called out when it is "seen, when it's obvious and when it's there".

He said he thought "throwing racism around" was dangerous.

His appearance and comments have sparked further heated debate on social media.

After the appearance, he tweeted to say his social media feed was "like Christmas come early" and added: "Speak truth to nonsense."

Some responded in defence of the opinions he had shared.

Another user said his appearance was "sickening to watch", as she defended the woman involved in the row.

Femi Oluwole, prominent pro-European activist, tweeted: "When Laurence Fox calls it racist to point out that he's a white privileged male, when he's trying to downplay racism, even though, as a white privileged male, he has even less of an experience of the adversity racism causes than I do as a black privileged male."

He also wrote: "Apparently we should only call out racism when it's seen and obvious... So subtle racism behind closed doors... Absolutely fine. Cheers Laurence Fox!"

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