Lauren Pope: 'Bump painting's helped me celebrate and bond with my baby'

I first heard about bump painting through The Mum Space Facebook group after one of our lovely members posted a really cool picture of her own and I was so intrigued. I just loved the idea of celebrating and bonding with my bump and also getting a cool photo out of it for the gram lol.

I came across Joanna on Instagram, she’s an amazing make-up artist and also a professional bump painter who does all sorts of designs from flowers to lions to ‘Only Fools and Horses’ (This was a surprise for the ladies partner who was a superfan of the show). Most of her clients would be going to see her face to face for her to paint but obviously at the moment this just isn’t an option so we are really lucky that she has taken the time to put together a mini tutorial on how to do a gorgeous floral design ourselves at home and we get to see how it works and she even explains where best to place the design to get a good selfie angle!

I have been told it’s a really relaxing experience, well it must be judging from one of her craziest requests which was from one Mumma to be who was going into labour when she wanted to be painted...Joanna tells this full story in the vid!

If your after some inspiration for a design then Jo has some great ideas she will talk through with you including getting your family involved, so if you already have little ones you could use their hand prints or even ask them to paint something on for you, a great way to keep them entertained during lockdown and then all get a picture together to hang in the nursery. She also explains how the design can be super simple or super detailed, there are no rules so just be as creative as you want!

Jo also covers the safety aspect and tells us what products to use and where is best to get them from and also how long the design can last if well looked after.

I really hope you enjoy the video and get painting those beautiful bumps. Don’t forget to take a picture once you’ve done it as all of us over on The Mum Space Facebook group would love to see your results.