"Lauren Pope: 'Baby massage helps create a sense of zen in our crazy journey of motherhood, and I am all for it!' "

Welcome back to The Mum Space. Another amazing week of free expert chats and a new how to for you to enjoy with your little ones!

I'm excited to introduce Casey to you all who is a qualified baby massage & baby yoga specialist, & the founder of Sensoryland.

She has very kindly filmed this video for us talking through how we can give our own baby massage at home, I found it so relaxing just watching so I can imagine baby would absolutely love this!

Not only can baby massage techniques help relax your baby, but they have been reported to help relieve babies of ailments such as colic, wind and constipation, as well as building strength and developing motor skills. Its also just a lovely time to spend bonding with baby and taking a small amount of time out of your hectic day to be still so it’s a win, win all round.

You don’t need much just a towel, a fresh nappy and some sort of oil (Casey will explain what kind of oil is best but you most likely already have something suitable in your cupboard).

Just doing this routine for five minutes a day can bring so many of these benefits to you and your baby and if it helps create a sense of zen in our crazy journey of motherhood, I am all for it!

I hope you enjoy it and let us know how you got on over on the Facebook group – The Mum Space. It’s a private group so you just need to request to join. We decided to make it private so you all feel like you can talk about whatever topics you want to; no topic is too big or too small!


Lauren x