Singer Lauren Mayberry hits back at critics who claim her stage outfits are 'too revealing'

Lauren Mayberry defended her "revealing" gig attire in a candid post [Photo: Getty]
Lauren Mayberry defended her "revealing" gig attire in a candid post [Photo: Getty]

Singer Lauren Mayberry has spoken out against critics who claim that her stage attire is “too revealing” in a powerful social media post.

The Scottish songstress, who is part of the band Chvrches, took to Instagram Stories to clap back at the negative press.

“To the people saying that my gig outfits are too revealing/ I shouldn't dress like that if I don't want men to comment on it; I disagree,” the 31-year-old wrote. “This argument assumes women only dress for the attention of men. When I dress for shows, I want to own my gender and my femininity.”

“I want my performance image to be inherently feminine and tough as f**k because that is how I want to pretend to be - to myself, and to the women and young girls who come to our gigs.”

“How I dress is part of how I express myself creatively and how I want to communicate our message,” she continued. “It’s about trying not to be ashamed of our gender and identity, even when people tell you that you should be; about not being scared into hiding yourself because of the actions of others.”

The singer went on to explain that she has had to handle backlash over her choice of clothing since the beginning of her career when she chose to don “baggy flannel shirts and jeans” - emphasising that it’s not really about her wardrobe, but people trying to “weaponise” her gender.

“It’s about claiming ownership of women’s bodies and women’s narratives,” Mayberry concluded. “My body, my life, my choice.”

In support, fans were quick to praise the singer for defending herself in the comments section of her most recent Instagram post.

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“I feel you always send a very strong positive message,” one wrote. “I wish you’d been around when I was an impressionable girl! I’m glad you’re around now!”

Another added, “Your words about wearing the outfit for yourself were strong and well said. Your show outfits are amazing and it's inspiring to see that you're proud of your gender and identity.”

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“People should stop shaming Lauren,” a third follower commented. “Women are aloud to wear whatever the f*** they want. You don't own them and you should be ashamed. Guys like that give men a bad name overall.”

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