Lauren Hutton Chopped Off Her Hair With A Pair of Shears!

Lauren Hutton Chopped Off Her Hair With A Pair of Shears!
Lauren Hutton Chopped Off Her Hair With A Pair of Shears!

Left: Lauren Hutton at Tribeca Film Festival Right: After the chop at CFDA Awards

Lauren Hutton debuted a new short hairstyle at Stella McCartney’s star studded resort presentation this week. Unlike Charlize Theron and Anne Hathaway who’ve cut their hair short for acting roles, Hutton revealed she’d cut her own hair with shears (!) because she was feeling depressed.

She told The Cut, 'I was closing up a house, and it felt like I needed more closure. I guess I was depressed. I'd been doing that thing where I read the Economist too much. You know, reading it front to back for weeks on end isn't always good for you.'

She went on to add,  'Instead of suicide, I ran into the kitchen and grabbed a pair of poultry shears. I grabbed one half and went whack, and then I grabbed the other side and went whack again! Then, two weeks later, I was here in New York and had my guy clean it up.'

Sounds a little extreme to us. When we’re feeling down at Grazia Daily we tend to turn to a Sex and the City box set rather than the nearest pair of garden shears. But with people like Charlize Theron shaving their head for serious acting roles and in the wake of Britney Spears’ infamous shavedown, we’re wondering if it’s inevitable in such an image conscious environment that celebs use their hair to express themselves?

Here’s our advice: don’t try this at home unless - like Lauren -  you can afford a really good hairdresser to tidy up when you’ve cheered up a bit.

by Jessica Ann Spires

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