Lauren Bush to become Lauren Lauren?

Lauren Bush to become Lauren Lauren?

Well, not quite. When the niece of George W. Bush marries David Lauren this weekend, she’s planning to do the double name dance, though ‘I think it will be Lauren Bush-Lauren’ she said recently, NYMag reports. ‘I am sort of old-fashioned in that way’.

Basically, this name makes it inevitable that Lauren is going to become a major player on planet fashion. There are some names that make that kind of unavoidable: Lauren Bush-Lauren could not, for instance, work in the accounts department of a large manufacturing company. Similarly, for instance, Harper Beckham is unlikely to be the name of your daughter’s primary school non-teaching assistant, and Lourdes Leon is not the moniker of someone who gets on the 08.07 in an ill-fitting power suit and white running shoes.

No. These are Power Names for Fashion People, who are destined to have fabulous weddings with teepees, to have their own fragrances and to embark on ill-advised diffusion lines with high street retailers.

But what are your favourite power names? Who could not POSSIBLY apply for a job at the Faversham branch of Lloyds TSB without being laughed out the door? Answers below peoples…

- Alex Butt

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