Laura Whitmore says Iain Stirling was "too scared" to ask her on a date

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While many Love Island contestants have gone on to have happy, successful relationships, there's one couple from the show who really scream 'IN LOVE'. No, not Tony on camera 2 and Brian from catering, but Laura Whitmore and Iain Stirling.

The show's host and voiceover have been dating for two and a half years now, and not only do they have a house and a dog together, but a history worth delving into.

Here's a look back at their love story, starting with the most recent update.

March 12, 2002: Laura Whitmore revealed it took nine months of sliding back and forth in each other's DMs before they went on a date.

"When we first met he didn’t even hit on me, he was too nervous to hit on me! I think he was intimidated by me. I remember Iain was too scared to ask me out so in the end I had to ask him out," she told JD's In The Duffle Bag podcast.

"He used to send me random messages, DM me and ask me about my dog. It took nine months but we got there! I was like 'let’s just go for a drink'. I think I had to make the moves on him."

All good things come to those who wait, eh?

And here's the rest of Laura and Iain's relationship timeline...


Iain and Laura meet at an ITV party and "hit it off instantly", a source at The Sun claims, striking up a "great friendship." They have lots of mutual friends, including Strictly’s Ore Oduba, who Laura met while dancing on the BBC show.

July 2017

A source tells The Sun Laura and Iain are an exclusive thing, but have decided to keep their romance a secret from the public for the time being. "They kept the relationship private to give it the best possible chance, but it’s well known in their close circle of friends how happy they are," the insider commented. "They are very much in love and are boyfriend and girlfriend."

August 2017

Laura publicly speaks about their relationship, confirming at the launch of a London restaurant, "Yeah he’s my boyfriend. He’s lovely. I’ve got him as my screensaver. I’ve known him for ages."

Later in the month, the pair also go Instagram official...ish. Laura shares a group photo on her Stories which features Iain from Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Photo credit: Instagram Stories/Laura Whitmore

September 2017

Iain and Laura go grid official with snaps from their trip to New York.

January 2018

The pair celebrate Iain's 30th birthday with a trip to Reykjavik with his family, sharing snaps from the holiday with fans on Instagram. Adorable.

April 2018

Iain and Laura continue to share an insight into their relationship on social media, much to fans' delight:

July 2018

Laura opens up about her relationship with Iain on their one year anniversary, revealing she visited him while filming Love Island in 2017. "We tried to keep it as quiet as possible at the beginning," she told Fabulous. "I remember going to Majorca last year and not telling anyone, even though I know most of the crew.

"If anyone had seen me they’d be like, ‘What the hell is Laura doing here?’ I thought nobody knew, but it turned out everyone did. At the time I was like, ‘We totally got away with that’.

"We’d been together for four or five months before we put anything on our social media. I think at that point we were both like, ‘Should we just own it?’And then once you put it out there, no one gives a s**t. People only care when they don’t know something."

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December 2018

Laura and Iain move in together! The pair share a number of Instagram Stories from the process, with the presenter writing, "Now taking bookings for all house removals for 2019 #manwithavan#unboxing Mick charges extra."

A source tells The Sun, "They haven’t been together too long but she wanted to buy a house. It’s their relationship getting more serious. Because of their busy jobs they don’t get to spend a lot of time together but this will mean they will see a lot more of each other. They are very steady as a couple and it is the natural next step."

March 2019

Iain takes International Women' Day as an opportunity to gush over how incredible Laura is, sharing a series of photos with the caption: "Happy #intenationalwomensday to everyone today. And a huge thank you to all the amazing women in my life both personally and professionally, I am a very fortunate and you’ll never know how much you all mean to me! X"

July 2019

Iain celebrates their two year anniversary with an Instagram post calling Laura his "best friend". Adorable!

August 2019

The pair attend Wilderness festival together with a group of friends:

Photo credit: David M. Benett - Getty Images

October 2019

Iain marks their trip to California with an Instagram caption about how he made "the biggest sacrifice he'll ever have to make" for Laura. He wrote, "Last night I went to a winery in California and didn’t drink so I could drive Laura home afterwards. I am posting this picture in memory of the biggest sacrifice I will ever make for another person for the rest of my life."

December 2019

Laura Whitmore is announced as the Winter Love Island 2020 host. In reference to her boyfriend in her statement, she said, "The Love Island team are the best in the business… including the voice and heart of the show, Iain. He thought he was getting a holiday away from me...not a chance."

Iain added, "The new #loveisland host seems nice. I wonder if she’s single..."

January 2020

Iain and Laura film Love Island together, and continue to give cute insights into their relationship. On his birthday, she called him the "best person she knows" with a sweet Instagram caption, which reads in full: "When bae sneaks into your office to say hello! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best person I know @iaindoesjokes ❤️"

February 2020

Iain wishes Laura and their dog Mick a happy Valentine's Day, calling them his "favourite people".

Who needs Love Island, eh?

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