Laura Whitmore hits back at comment that she's 'too old' for Love Island

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Laura Whitmore has hit back at nasty online comments she's received about her gig presenting Love Island, including that she's 'too old' to appear on the show, and that she is 'dull.'

The 37-year-old, who hosts the ITV2 reality show, which returns for its eighth series on Monday 6 June, has taken to TikTok to share her come backs to the rude remarks.

To kick off the video, Laura writes: 'Shall we get this out of the way, then we can enjoy the juicy bits! See ya Monday.'

She then goes on to address 'actual things that have been written or said' about her role on the show. First up is the comment: 'I think its ridiculous that Laura flies back and forth - send the guests there!', which refers to the presenter appearing both at the villa in Mallorca and on the Love Island: Aftersun panel show, which is filmed in London.

Laura's reply to this? 'The villa is Mallorca and Aftersun is London. This is the situation for any host, always has been. I have it in my contract to offset carbon emissions.'

She then moved on to the topic of what she is allegedly paid for her role on the show, clapping back to the comment: 'Laura has the easiest job on the telly! She gets paid £50k a minute. It's an outrage!'

'Firstly, Iain [her husband, Iain Stirling, who is the comedic narrator of Love Island] has never had attention on money he earns. Why don't we like women earning money?' She added: 'I bloody wish I earned what was written in the press! I only get paid days I work.'

In response to ageist comments that she's 'too old' to host the show, she said: 'I don't plan to date the Love Islanders. I am the HOST. Age means experience and it's a privilege.'

Well said, Laura!

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