Laura Whitmore defends herself over ‘humiliating’ Love Island Remi moment

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Laura Whitmore has recently taken to social media to defend herself after she was accused of "humiliating" Remi Lambert, a Love Island contestant from this year's series. It comes as the 37-year-old TV presenter was hosting the spin-off of the reality show, Aftersun on Sunday which saw her chat with the latest hopeful to depart the villa.

Speaking live from Love Island HQ, the pair chatted about how he didn't get picked in the latest recoupling. Instead, it saw Danica Taylor cause quite the stir as she split up Gemma Owen and Luca Bish in a dramatic turn of events.

As well as all the romance chit-chat, the pair also spoke about Remi's most memorable moment from his time on the show - the freestyle rap that he performed for his fellow housemates. And after Laura asked him if he wouldn't mind giving viewers one last sneak peek of his musical talents, the model accepted but then struggled to come up with a final line.

Since the ep, Laura has faced backlash from viewers, with many fans of the show airing their criticisms on Twitter. One user typed: "Nah Remi looks hurt and embarrassed this is actually so uncomfortable to watch #LoveIsland," while another said: "Hope #LoveIsland supports Remi. He looked broken on #Loveislandaftersun. Asking him to rap was done in bad faith and to humiliate. I thought @thewhitmore & crew were supposed to "BE KIND."

Others were quick to take to the social media platform, too, with another fan typing: "Remi sat there clearly hurt & embarrassed yet they want him to rap ?? #loveisland #loveislandaftersun," as a different account wrote: "Remi looks really sad. I hope he’s ok. Love Island better pull their socks up and support him #loveisland #LoveIslandAftersun."

Laura has since responded to these reactions, claiming that Remi was actually asked beforehand to prepare a rap to perform on the show. She also added how the pressure of live TV can be extremely scary which could have contributed to his mistake on air. Taking to Twitter herself, she wrote: "Remi is a rapper and asked in good faith in advance if he’d rap and prepare something which he did."

She continued: "Live Telly is nerve-wracking, believe me, so maybe he was a bit nervous but he deserved to have his time. Also I want to make Remi & Afia happen!"

We wish Remi the best! Love Island is on tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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