Laura Kenny praises Lexus technology for keeping cyclists safe from rogue car doors

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Lexus Group/Cover Images

Five-time Olympic gold medal-winning cyclist Dame Laura Kenny has praised Lexus' new safety system which has been created to keep cyclists safe from rogue car doors.

The new in-car gadget, which has been formally unveiled ahead of World Bicycle Day on 3 June, is designed to help prevent accidents caused by car doors being opened into the path of cyclists and other vehicles.

'Dooring' is a common hazard, where a vehicle driver or passenger opens a door into the path of a cyclist approaching from behind.

Lexus has helped address the issue with a world-first technology that can prevent a door from being opened if there is the risk of an accident. Its new e-latch is an electronic door release system that is linked to sensors mounted on the rear of the vehicle.

These will detect a cyclist - or other road users - and provide a Safe Exit Assist function, alerting the driver or passengers with warning lights in the door mirror glass and instrument display, and disabling the e-latch operation. If the driver tries to release the door, a further, audible warning message will be sounded.

Dame Laura, the U.K.'s most successful female Olympian, praised Lexus's safety initiative, commenting: "I welcome all innovations that help keep cyclists safe on the roads, and I think the e-latch is a great idea as I've had a few narrow escapes from car doors myself when out on my bike."

The technology made its debut on the all-new Lexus NX mid-size SUV and has the potential to be featured on other future Lexus models.

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