Laura Harrier: I want to feel hot and b*****

Laura Harrier on her autumn headspace credit:Bang Showbiz
Laura Harrier on her autumn headspace credit:Bang Showbiz

Laura Harrier wants to feel "hot and b****y."

The 32-year-old actress - who split from NBA star Klay Thompson in 2021 but is now engaged to consultant Sam Jarou - admitted that she wants to look "c*****" throughout the autumnal months because that is "where [her] head is at" right now.

She said: "I want to look c***** this fall. I want boots and leather, and I’ve only been wearing black. I just want to feel hot and bitchy, that’s where my head is at right now. just wore this really good lace catsuit thing out in New York that was, like, fully naked, that I was obsessed with. I like everything Saint Laurent does. I like how I feel in their clothes. I feel bossy and c*****. It’s a really good vibe!"

Lauren went on to add that because her starsign is an Aries, she likes to be the "centre of attention" by nature.

She said: "I'm Aries, we’re stubborn, but in a different way in that we don’t want to be tied to anything. We’re very all over the place and kind of free. And we like to win. We like to be first. We like to be the center of attention. We can get really fiery, but then instantly forget it and everything’s fine."

The 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' star also teased that that although she "does not have a date" for her upcoming nuptials with Sam, the ceremony is set to take place sometime in 2023.

Asked if she has any crushes right now, she told Interview: " I have a crush on my fiancé. We don’t have a date [for the wedding] but I’m thinking sometime next year.