Laura Hamilton's future on This Morning revealed after show pulled at last minute

Laura Hamilton, the host of popular holiday series A Place In The Sun, has opened up about her future on This Morning after her dating show was abruptly cancelled. The TV star was all set to launch a new ITV show last year, but it was suddenly scrapped following allegations that a member of the production team had an inappropriate relationship with a contestant from a spin-off show.

Laura had been busy filming the reality programme in Barbados when production was abruptly halted due to an internal investigation. Now, she has spoken out about her potential return to the popular ITV daytime show, where she's been a recurring host for some time.

In a chat with The Sun, Laura reassured fans that she's still very much part of the This Morning family and that her recent absence is simply down to scheduling conflicts. She shared with the publication: "I love This Morning, I was only filming last week one of their competitions and I've got bits and pieces I'm always putting forward to them."

Laura went on to say: "They have asked me to do a few bits and pieces but I haven't been available for it. I did the marathon that took up a lot of my time and obviously I've been filming the new series of A Place in The Sun."

"It's not that This Morning haven't asked me to do anything, I've just not been available, which has been frustrating," the host admitted.

Laura's dating show was put on hold after rumours emerged about a scandalous affair. Reports suggest that the staff member involved has since left the show. When the allegations first surfaced, ITV bosses were reportedly "furious" about the scandal, according to the same publication.

A source claimed: "Bosses were furious when it came to their attention that a producer had an affair with the contestant, especially in light of this year's This Morning scandal and controversy. It meant that there was another investigation into what happened in Barbados that had to be carried out. It was disappointing to senior members of staff. The producer promptly resigned."

At the time, an ITV Spokesperson said: "We are unable to comment on the details of any specific employment-related matters. ITV sets out and upholds very clear policies with regards to raising concerns and work-related conduct amongst our people."