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Lakeland's heated clothes pod back to save you time, money and space

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Lakeland's heated clothes pod
Lakeland's heated clothes pod is both cost and time effective. Sign us up. (Lakeland)

For a good six months of the year, hanging clothes outside to dry isn't always possible. And with the rising cost of energy bills, using tumbledryers for hours on end or leaving the heating on to try clothes isn't ideal. To that end, we've made it our mission this autumn/winter to flag cost-effective heating devices for the home.

The Dry:Soon Drying Pod from Lakeland is one such gadget, which is not only more affordable than popular heated clothes airers (it rings in at £99.99) but also vouched for by customers looking to save money.

"Much cheaper to run than a tumble dryer" and "very efficient" are just some of the comments left alongside five-star reviews, with a recent customer having worked out it costs them "about 34p per hour" to run.

Why we rate it

The Dry:Soon Drying Pod is a handy household item to help your laundry dry quickly, especially on rainy days.

It dries clothes quicker than leaving them to air-dry, while also being delicate on your garments. The pod has a fan built into the base, which heats air up to 70°C and then circulates it around the pod to dry your clothes efficiently.

The Drying Pod can hang up to 12 garments and keeps your undies out of view from guests too. (Lakeland)
The Drying Pod can hold up to 12 garments and keeps your undies out of view from guests too. (Lakeland)
The clothes airer can heat up to 70 degrees.  (Lakeland)
The clothes airer can heat up to 70 degrees. (Lakeland)

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It is simple to use, all you have to do is put your laundry on hangers, and perch them on the pod's rails. Then place the hood covering over the dryer, zip it up, switch on the heater and let it work its magic.

As the electric heater requires you to hang your clothing, most of the creases will drop out, which in turn means less ironing.

We also love that it's discreet. The fan runs quietly at less than 52 decibels, and if guests were to drop by on laundry day your smalls won't be on full display.

The Drying Pod is compact so works well if your living space is limited. (Lakeland)
The Drying Pod is compact so works well if your living space is limited. (Lakeland)

It costs just 15p an hour to run and has an optional timer that you can set for up to three hours, leaving you free to get through the rest of your to-do list.

The Drying Pod, which has been recognised as one of Lakeland's star buys, costs £99.99.

What the reviews say

The Dry:Soon Drying Pod has racked up 56 five-star reviews. Here's what shoppers have to say:

  • "Wouldn't be without this! This is a very economical way of drying clothes, which can't go in the tumble dryer and the weather doesn't allow you to line dry. Provided you don't overload it, the washing comes out beautifully soft and dry. My only criticism is that you cannot buy a spare cover."

  • "So pleased I bought this before it went out of stock. Such a small footprint when you don’t have much floor space. Powerful fan heater which dries small damp clothes quickly. Much cheaper to run than a tumble dryer at about 34p per hour."

  • "I bought the Dry Soon Drying Pod a couple of months ago. I have found it extremely easy to use. It not only dries the clothes, but also heats the room, so I don't have to put the heating on which is a bonus. I have found it much better cost wise and clothes smell of the fabric softener, than putting it in the tumble drier. Saves me money which we all need."

  • "I don’t have a lot of space and had often considered the heated airers so when I saw this product I decided to give it a go. Absolutely great for anything you can put on a hanger and 30 mins nicely dries the items hanging. I’ve even put a pair of trainers in the bottom to dry and that was successful too. Love it."

Buy it: Dry:Soon Drying Pod | £99.99 from Lakeland

Dry:Soon Drying Pod
Dry:Soon Drying Pod

£99.99 at Lakeland

For those who are after something a little bigger, and a little more luxe, the Dry:Soon Deluxe 3-Tier Heated Airer is also a huge hit with shoppers. It makes drying laundry for all the family more efficient as it holds up to 15kg of washing and costs £199.99.

Buy it: Dry:Soon Deluxe 3-Tier Heated Airer | £199.99 from Lakeland

 Dry:Soon Deluxe 3-Tier Heated Airer
Dry:Soon Deluxe 3-Tier Heated Airer

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Or, if you have space, Lakeland's Heated Cabinet is also back in stock.

It can hold up to 10kg of laundry and there's space for 12 items of clothing on its two hanging rails for shirts, dresses and skirts - perfect for helping retain crisp collars or details such as pleats.

Buy it: Dry:Soon Heated Cabinet | £129.99 from Lakeland

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