The Last of Us star Gabriel Luna explains how he and fellow cast member Pedro Pascal changed *that* emotional scene

For those who have been watching HBO's post-apocalyptic drama series, The Last of Us, you'll know that you're well over the halfway mark by now. Over the weekend, the show aired its sixth episode, 'Kin, and fans were *not* ready for the emotional rollercoaster they were about to embark upon.

In the days since the ep dropped, Gabriel Luna, who plays Tommy, has opened up about the moving scene between his character and his brother Joel, who is played by Pedro Pascal. Specifically about how they changed it up massively.

During the 60-minute run time, viewers see the two brothers reunited in Jackson, Wyoming, where Joel learns that Tommy now belongs to a commune.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Luna explained how he and Pascal "completely rewrote" the confrontation scene following rehearsals.

"In that session, Pedro and I completely rewrote the scene. We didn't change a single letter. We just restructured the way that this scene unfolds," he revealed.

"[Writer] Craig [Mazin] being the mensch and the incredible artist that he is, he was like: 'This is better.'"

Adding that their changes "made it feel right in terms of the way we hit each of these beats", Luna went on to explain how the whole scene became much more poignant and sensitive.

"How I eventually build the courage to stand up to [Joel] and tell him the truth and tell him what is an extremely joyful thing for me but potentially a very hurtful thing for him to hear, that I was gonna be a father," he continued.

"That was pretty much the only scene on the slate that whole day," the actor added. "It was just Pedro and I being brothers and doing what brothers do: laughing, joking, needing each other, and eventually fighting."

If you've yet to watch the sixth episode though, just make sure you're prepared. Because there's some top-notch acting coupled with a lot of drama. Tissues at the ready, we say...

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