The Last Of Us show bosses have teased changes for season 2

the last of us season 2 changes
The Last Of Us show bosses on season 2 changesHBO

There's no doubt that fans of The Last Of Us were absolutely ecstatic when season two was officially confirmed. Especially considering the immense success of the first series.

The post-apocalyptic drama - which is based on the 2013 video game of the same name - follows Joel, a smuggler (Pedro Pascal) who leads a 14-year-old girl, Ellie (Bella Ramsey) across the US 20 years after a mass fungal infection caused a global pandemic. Because Ellie is immune to the infection, it's believed she could be humanity's last hope and the key to creating a life-saving vaccine.

But according to show creators, Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, fans can expect some key changes in season two that will ramp up the drama even more.

the last of us season 2 changes

Chatting about the show on its official podcast, Druckmann revealed: "You can expect us to repeat the same process, which is we will look at what made that story special and what is the soul of that story. And that needs to remain intact."

"And then the moment-to-moment beats and characters, they might stay the same, they might change. We will do what needs to happen to that story as it transfers from one medium to another," he added.

Mazin then went on to explain how the pair will develop the storylines going forward.

"We will also take advantage of the freedom we have in television that wasn’t there in the game," he said, "specifically the advantage of changing perspective."

the last of us season 2 changes
HBO/Warner Media

He then explained that they'll use what they can in a new medium to "tell that story," and "go through the same process of adaptation." All before adding that the lead characters Joel and Ellie will be recast. (Phew!)

"And there will be blood," he finished.

Ashley Johnson, who played Ellie in the video game (and also appears in the season one finale) joined the creators on the podcast. During the chat, she spoke about finding it exciting that major parts of the game were translated onto the screen, especially the "interconnectivity" aspect.

(FYI, she's talking about if someone stepped on a certain part of the fungi, it would alert other people who had also been infected by it further away.)

bella ramsey, the last of us

Mazin responded to this by revealing that season two would explore this further.

"I think this first time around we were learning so much about how to create the infected and how to televise them in a way that was exciting and didn’t seem goofy or weird or artificial," he said. "And I think we figured out that."

"And I think this next season, the interconnectivity of them and the risk of stepping on the wrong thing - that stuff is going to be brought forward more for sure."

While there's no word about a season two release date as of yet, we're *impatiently* waiting for it to pop back onto our screens ASAP...

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