The Last Of Us reveals how the Clickers were voiced

the last of us clickers how they're voiced
The Last of Us shows how the Clickers were voiceHBO/Warner Media

HBO’s The Last Of Us has had fans hooked since the very first episode.

The post-apocalyptic drama, starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, is set in a future where a fungal infection that turns people into zombies threatens humanity.

The different zombies in The Last Of Us are truly a thing of nightmares and HBO has now revealed how some of them are voiced.

types of zombies in the last of us

The Clickers are the third stage of the infected (after runners and stalkers) and are recognisable by their deformed heads, due to their skulls being split open by the contagious fungus.

This also means that they're completely blind – which Joel (Pedro) and Ellie (Bella) are able to use to their advantage throughout the series.

The Clickers get their name from the blood-curdling sound of the clicks they make which is enough to send shudders down anyones spine.

But, contrary to what you may think, the inhuman clicker noises are not voiced by a machine but by real people.

Actors in a recording booth make the unnerving, zombie noises that have had viewers on the edge of their seats all season.

Fans of The Last Of Us took to Twitter to share their reactions to the voice actors, with one user calling for them to get an award!

“Where’s their Oscar? They deserve one,” they wrote.

Others wanted to get up in the recording booth and have a go at being a Clicker themselves.“Where can I apply?” one fan asked.

“That’s the sound I make when I stubbed my toe,” joked another.

Season one of The Last Of Us came to an end this week and we already can’t wait for the second season – and the return of the creepy Clickers!

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