The Last Of Us fans have a theory about Ellie's admirer in episode 6

the last of us fans have a fan theory about ellie's admirer in episode 6
The Last Of Us fan theory about strange girl in e6Courtesy of HBO - HBO

The Last Of Us has the internet in a chokehold, thanks to the game adaptation's emotional storylines and brilliant acting. During last night's episode six [20th February], fans were left wondering whether a new character is actually a character from the second The Last Of Us game, only in a slightly different form.

*Spoilers* As viewers know, Joel and Ellie are on their way to Jackson, Wyoming, when he's finally reunited with his brother Tommy, who we last saw in episode one. While this is familiar territory for game-users, we're then introduced to 'Kin', a mysterious girl who runs off when Ellie notices her staring.

While she's only listed as 'Strange Girl' in the credits, fans on social media are wondering whether she's actually Dina, Ellie's love interest from The Last of Us Part II.

the last of us fans have a fan theory about ellie's admirer in episode 6
Courtesy of HBO - HBO

"Did Dina just make a surprise appearance in Jackson sequence in The Last Of Us?" one fan wrote, while another put, "Just finished episode 6 of The Last Of Us AND WAS THIS F***ING DINA????"

Others added, "I think that was definitely Dina staring at Ellie and seeing Shimmer in the stable gave me shivers!"

Showrunners Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann discussed the moment on the show's official podcast, referring to it as an "Easter egg,", though they didn't confirm fan theories one way or the other. "That doesn't mean it's Dina. That doesn't mean it's not," they teased.

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