It's your last chance to bag an Always Pan on sale

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Photo credit: Our Place
Photo credit: Our Place

Just a quick PSA that the famous Always pan – the one you've seen all over your Instagram feed – is on sale as part of Our Place's Spring Sale for only three more days. Retailing at a pricey £125 usually, it's currently on offer at £100 until May 8.

Sure, these aren't the big discounts we saw over the Black Friday weekend, where the price of the skillet was slashed to a more purse-friendly £80. However, given that November is a long way away (and there's no promise that discounts will be matched this year), if you're finally looking to buy into the hype, now's a good time to purchase.

Sceptical? It's true that it's rare that a humble saucepan captures the heart of the internet in such a way. At one point, it racked up a waiting list of over 10,000 and, to date, we can't recall any other cookware that's gone literally viral.

But the pan does have a number of handy features that help it live up to the hype. When we tried it, we loved the built-in spoon rest that gives you somewhere to slot your wooden spoon even when the lid is on. The non-stick is also impressive and, while we found it did decline slightly over time, it's always been a dream to clean, even when used to whip up scrambled eggs or thick sauces.

A steamer that nestles inside works well for fish and vegetables, as well (although you do have to watch to ensure the pan doesn't boil dry as it sits close to the bottom, leaving space for only a shallow pool of water).

But, really, what does it for us is the super cute range of colours it comes in. The flagship 'spice' shade (a dusty millennial pink) is especially dreamy, but the brand has since brought out some more vibrant shades as well. We love the limited edition acid green and the sunny bright yellow – making dinner could never be a chore in when using buttercup-hued cookware, right?.

So, if you're tempted, act fast. The sale ends May 8 and a lot of colours have now sold out (we're a bit gutted we missed out on a lilac pan – *the* shade of 2022. The original spice pink, a strong fire engine red option and a pretty sage green are still available, however. (Oh, and the matching casserole, the Perfect Pot, is also discounted by £30, fyi).

You can shop the Always Pan on the Our Place website here.

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