Lashana Lynch believes her aura is purple

Lashana Lynch believes her aura is purple credit:Bang Showbiz
Lashana Lynch believes her aura is purple credit:Bang Showbiz

Lashana Lynch believes she has a "purple aura".

The 'No Time To Die' star believes the colouration emanating from her skin is the shade of purple.

And while she has no idea why it's that colour, the 34-year-old actress believes her aura is calming and that it comes from her approach to beauty.

She told Allure: "My skin, whether it be the health of my skin, my melanin, or the glow, is something that people see as soon as they see me. I want people to feel my aura through my skin, through the way I approach beauty. The aura I would project is ease. When you're not very confident, enter into ease, into calm. When you are going off of adrenaline, it's also good to remind yourself to ease. So, yeah, [my aura is] ease, calm, and arriving as yourself, I'd say. And it would be purple. I don't know why."

The 'Woman King' star also recalled a director requesting she cut her hair into a pixie cut for a role and how it made her feel like "a new woman".

She shared: "I cut my hair short about five years ago. It was just after 'Captain Marvel'. I'd worn a short pixie wig for an audition and when I got the role, the director told me that she thought it was my hair and now she can't unsee me with short hair and would I be up for cutting it? I was like, 'Oh, what have I done?; But I just said, 'Go on, let's go to the hairdresser's.' She sat with me for five hours while I thought, Take your time, please be gentle.

"I did not regret it one bit. I'll be short-haired, cropped forever. I'm a new woman because of it. I like how liberating it is.

Lashana admits she used to "hide" behind her "big, curly hair", but when she had it chopped it off, it enabled her to build her confidence and it even inspired her to overhaul her style.

She added: "You wake up and it is all you. With big, curly hair, sometimes you can hide behind it. I used to take it out of a bun and put it back in, like, five times a day. Why am I playing with this thing? What's in the hair that I'm looking for in myself? You rely on it to give you the thing that you need to feel confident or to feel in charge of yourself. When I cut my hair, I didn't have the thing anymore. I had to find it elsewhere within myself. I saw my cheekbones for the first time and my eyebrows and my eyes looked different and my fashion sense changed. I got rid of loads of clothes and started again. I upgraded myself: tops that express my shoulders and my clavicle and my neck. I was walking differently. I felt different. It was brilliant."