Larsa Pippen's trip to Doc Antle's zoo has caused major drama

Jennifer Savin
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Photo credit: MEGA - Getty Images
Photo credit: MEGA - Getty Images

From Cosmopolitan

Larsa Pippen, best known for marrying NBA legend Scottie Pippen and her friendships with the Kardashian sisters, recently visited a zoo owned by Tiger King star Doc Antle – and PETA are *not* happy about it. So much so, that the animal rights charity (full title People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) are even calling for the trip to be formally investigated by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture).

During her time at Myrtle Beach Safari, Miami, Florida, which homes an array of big cats and monkeys, Larsa posed with multiple tigers in a swimming pool, something that PETA say violates guidance set out by the USDA stating "direct [public] contact with juvenile and adult felines" poses a risk to both parties. She later posted the photos of her interactions with the big cats to Instagram and Twitter, along with the caption: "Spent the day w/ some friends @myrtlebeachsafari. Would u guys go swimming w tigers?"

The paperwork put forward by PETA, which was obtained by news outlet Page Six, also argues that Larsa coming into such close quarters with the animal leaves it more vulnerable to contracting COVID 19 too (yep, there have been recorded cases of a tiger and three lions catching the virus in the past).

Speaking about the backlash to TMZ, Doc Antle weighed in on the situation and has leapt to Larsa's defence, saying that she was there "goofing around" and was actually shooting a PSA about wild tiger conservation.

Larsa's social media post, which also featured shots of her children playing with a chimpanzee, garnered a mix response too. One Instagram user wrote underneath, "Girl What makes you think it's ok to pose with captive wild animals? Shame."

Another said, "They are all wild animals not meant for human interaction. Any place that allows people to handle them is gross and wrong", while a further person weighed in with, "No. No. And no. This is not ok. You should know better."

Larsa has not publicly responded to any of the negative comments underneath her post and it's reported that the USDAare yet to respond to PETA's letter.

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