Larsa Pippen On 'The Traitors' Season 2, Her Strategy And All Her Haters

Larsa Pippen and Shereé Whitfield are seen in the third episode of the second season of Peacock's
Larsa Pippen and Shereé Whitfield are seen in the third episode of the second season of Peacock's

Larsa Pippen and Shereé Whitfield are seen in the third episode of the second season of Peacock's "The Traitors."

Our first Housewife has been banished from “TheTraitors.”

If you’ve been keeping up with the Peacock competition show — and you should (it’s so good) — you would’ve seen in Episode 4 of Season 2 that “Real Housewives of Miami” star Larsa Pippen was kicked out of the castle shortly after her boyfriend, Marcus Jordan, was “murdered” the week prior.

At the roundtable, Pippen called out the strong alpha men as potential traitors, specifically pointing her suspicions toward Chris “C.T.” Tamburello. Earlier in the series, she rightly accused Dan Gheesling of being a traitor.

Later, traitor Parvati Shallow accused all of the Housewives ― including her traitor counterpart Phaedra Parks ― of having a pact to survive the game. Parks quickly jumped in to shut that down.

But still, the cast members voted out Pippen, who was, in fact, a faithful. 

Pippen spoke to HuffPost after her elimination to share her strategy coming into the game, who she thinks was jealous of her, and her thoughts as she prepares for “The Traitors” and “The Real Housewives of Miami” reunions. 

Why do you think that people were so quick to eliminate you and Marcus?

I think initially they were intimidated because they thought [Marcus] and I were going to have a double vote. And I think they thought if they got rid of one of us, it would be to their advantage.

He’s very observant and the traitors didn’t like that — he knew who was quiet at the roundtable and he’s very opinionated. He basically told Dan, who was the traitor, how he noticed that he was quiet and the people at the table that didn’t have a lot to say could possibly be a traitor, too.

For me, I think I probably said too much, as I shouldn’t have kept my finger on Dan, not went after C.T., and not been so opinionated on who the traitors were. First I called out Parvati and then Dan, so that’s two out of three people. While Phaedra was a traitor, I don’t think she would’ve gotten rid of me as fast. She had to go with what the other two wanted.

“Housewives” fans know that you don’t like to be away from Marcus for long, as we’ve seen on “RHOM.” How did you deal with his elimination and being away from him afterward? 

I wanted him to experience the castle and the game a bit longer, so I was sad for him and his life was cut too short. He’s innately a leader, so people gravitated toward him. And he’s a smart guy who realizes everything, which is ultimately why they had to get rid of him.

Did you have any strategy as a couple, or were you on your own?

Nope, we didn’t have a strategy going into it. Before we got to Scotland, we acknowledged it was an individual game. And while we both wanted each other to make it to the end, we did say if we had to “murder” each other in the game, we would.

We knew we were playing individually and knew we would have a target on our back, because we’re a couple and we’re the first couple to be on the show. A lot of the girls were haters and were hating on me because I had my man and they were solo dolo.

Pippen and Marcus Jordan are pictured in December in Los Angeles.
Pippen and Marcus Jordan are pictured in December in Los Angeles.

Pippen and Marcus Jordan are pictured in December in Los Angeles.

Which girls would you say were hating on you?

I would say Janelle Pierzina and Sandra Diaz-Twine. Sandra said I looked 10-12 years older than her, and I’m thinking, “Is she losing her mind?” I know she’s older, but is she losing her vision, like, what? She also said she didn’t like me, and I’m like, does she not like me because I’m getting more camera time?

If you were a traitor, what are some changes you would’ve made with the murders that took place, and who would you have taken out?

If I was a traitor, I’d be outspoken. I think Dan ended up dominating the traitors, as his personality is so strong. Anyone Dan felt was a threat to himself, he got rid of. Parvati and Phaedra’s personalities weren’t as strong as his, and if I was a traitor, I wouldn’t accept that. I would’ve been more opinionated, questioning his plays because all the moves he made were for himself.

What was it about Dan that made you guess that he was a traitor?

He has this smirk on his face and is never scared. We all went to bed nervous, and he had a nice, calm demeanor the whole time. When I mentioned I felt it was a man dominating the traitors, he looked at me like I caught him in a lie.

He never threw out names, and sat there while we threw people’s names in the pot — he never spoke. I questioned him from the beginning because he’s so calm and before Alan [Cumming] touched him, he had a bit of nervousness to him.

Who do you want to confront at the reunion and why? 

I’m confronting Sandra because she said I was the leader of the Housewives, which is great, but I feel like we were there individually and I just met the girls, so that was false. She wanted me off the show not because she thought I was a traitor, but because I’m better than her, I look better than her, and I’m smarter than her.

I feel like I wouldn’t necessarily vote for someone I didn’t get along with, as this is a game — it’s nothing personal. Even when Janelle said she felt it was weird for me to toast to Marcus when he was murdered, like, come on. She was a hater and a lot of the girls were haters.

Who would you say is the biggest threat? 

Definitely Dan.

Pippen and others are seen in the premiere episode of Season 2 of
Pippen and others are seen in the premiere episode of Season 2 of

Pippen and others are seen in the premiere episode of Season 2 of "The Traitors."

You were on the series with some of your fellow Housewives, and to find out now that Phaedra was a traitor all along — would you ever have guessed that? What are your thoughts on her strategy and how she’s playing the game?

I thought she could’ve been one, and I told her that because she fits the profile, too. If they had to choose one of us as traitors from the Housewives, it would be her, as she’s experienced with embalming dead bodies and she’s secretive. When I told her that, she just responded saying, “Oh, they do?” A lot of people were thinking that.

You and Marcus are always the talk of the town for your relationship. What is it about being with Marcus that’s different from your previous relationships and your marriage?

I would say it’s because we’re best friends and we really enjoy being with each other. We do everything with each other, and I never had a relationship where I really like the guy as a person.

You mentioned freezing your eggs in case Marcus wants to have kids, and it seems like he’s formed a great bond with your children from your marriage with Scottie Pippen. Have you told the kids yet about this? And how close are we to the possibility of you being a mom again with Marcus?

I told him that he has a year to decide — another year and I’ll be done because I don’t think I’d have the energy for it. My 15-year-old, Sophia, is so for it and wants us to have a baby already so she can babysit. My boys are busy with basketball and their lives, so they aren’t so invested in a baby now.

“RHOM” is such an underrated show, and things are kicking up. You and Guerdy Abraira are at major odds with each other this season. Where is the friendship at now, and do you regret anything from the season on your end in your relationship with Guerdy?

I regret telling the girls about Guerdy’s cancer. I shouldn’t have done that. In all honesty, I really didn’t think she meant for me to not tell our friends. We had a 30-minute argument before she told me about her cancer, and the whole argument was about her going to the press. I jokingly told her I was going to go to TMZ — like, I thought that’s what we were talking about. I wish I never told the girls or had a spa day for her. I wish I didn’t do any of it and our relationship would’ve been fine all season.

It was a very hard season for me because I wouldn’t want anyone to think that if they tell me they have cancer, I’d take the information and do something bad with it. I just wanted to rally the girls to support her, which is why I told my best friends and the girls. The last time Guerdy and I hung out at ... [Alexia Nepola’s] party, they were saying she was being irrational. She was screaming and crying, so I spoke up and said this is why she’s acting this way, because she’s under a lot of pressure and going through a lot.

I’m a very open person, so if I tell you something and you rally the girls up to do something for me, I wouldn’t see it as a bad thing. I would take it as, I love how all my friends are here to rally for me and support me.

You’re sitting first chair alongside Guerdy at the reunion. Are you ready to be in the hot seat for the Season 6 reunion, and who would you say needs to be prepared for the smoke for Season 6?

I like where I’m sitting at the reunion, as I’m good in the hot seat and I’m open, honest, and share my thoughts openly. I feel like all of us are in the hot seat and there’s a lot of explaining. When I watch the confessionals, I’m always shocked, like, wow, you think that about me? I would say it to their face.

Pippen is seen with others from
Pippen is seen with others from

Pippen is seen with others from "The Real Housewives of Miami."

Who shocked you the most?

Kiki [Barth] because we’re really good friends and Alexia shocked me the most with their confessionals, because I’m good friends with them. I’m not shocked with those I’m not close to, but I work hard on my relationships and friends. So when you hear your friends talking negatively about you in their interviews, you’re taken aback.

“RHOM” has started to receive its flowers recently. How does it feel to see the outpouring of love for the series? 

Our show has always been on fire. And we were on Peacock, which was great, but being on there and Bravo is a game changer. I’m in Paris for Paris Men’s Fashion Week, and they didn’t have Peacock but they have Bravo. People are telling me how they are obsessed with our show, so I’m happy we’re on both platforms.

Who would be on Larsa’s “Ultimate Girls Trip”? 

I’m going to go with Tamra Judge, Melissa Gorga, Teresa Giudice — even though she and Melissa would probably kill each other. I would add Caroline Stanbury, of course. Lisa Hochstein from my franchise and Jennifer Aydin from “Jersey,” too. I like the “Jersey” girls’ style; I love their show, it’s entertaining, and I like their vibe.

If you were to ever swap to another “Housewives” series, where would you go?

Probably “Beverly Hills,” because I have a place in LA so it would be an easy transition for me, and I’m friends with Garcelle Beauvais. Our kids go to the same school.

New episodes of “The Traitors” air Thursdays at 9 p.m. Eastern time on Peacock.