Large moose charges past anglers in awesome display of power

The giant moose probably spooked the salmon as it charged past anglers on Alaska’s Kenai River this week, but they seemed too impressed by the animal to care.

The accompanying footage, shared Friday by Kenai River and Company, shows the moose in the river eyeing the boat’s occupants before rising to sprint past them to access the woods.

“It’s … on a mission,” the guide says as the moose reaches its exit point. “That’s a good look.”

The company added in the comments: “Quite a lot of power that these animals have! Thanks for the show #bullwinkle.”

Another guide service chimed in: “That’s awesome you caught that on camera! We were watching that show from downstream. Thought he was gonna swamp ya.”

A genuine concern as an adult male moose in Alaska can weigh 1,600 pounds and stand nearly 6 feet tall, according to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Moose sightings aren’t rare in Alaska, which boasts a population of perhaps 200,000 animals. But it’s certainly rare to observe a large moose churning water in a sprint just yards from your vantage point.

Story originally appeared on For The Win