Large Cobweb Spun by Caterpillars Covers Hedge in UK Town

Cobwebs spun by ermine moth caterpillars covered a large bush near a parking lot in Shrewsbury, United Kingdom, video recorded on May 21 shows.

Richard Tisdale, who recorded footage of this natural phenomenon, told Storyful that “loads of people were looking at it in amazement,” adding that many initially thought it was spun by spiders.

“On closer inspection you could see the caterpillars,” Tisdale said, as his footage shows a close-up look at the army of larvae crawling across the huge web.

Back in 2021, local news reported on the same phenomenon. John Hughes, a development manager at Shropshire Wildlife Trust, told the Shropshire Star, “They spin this web to give themselves protection and underneath the web they are chomping away on leaves and whatever.”

“In a few days they will hatch out and fly off and the web will disintegrate fairly quickly,” Hughes said. Credit: Richard Tisdale via Storyful

Video transcript