Lana Del Rey granted temporary restraining order against alleged car thief

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Lana Del Rey has been granted a temporary restraining order against Eric Everardo.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the Summertime Sadness singer filed for a restraining order on 14 July, claiming he'd stolen her car in February and repeatedly contacted her and her family afterwards.

In the documents, Del Rey recounted that once she discovered Everardo had taken her vehicle she reported him to the police.

"I understand that he is currently criminally prosecuted for two felonies; residential burglary and grand theft auto. However, I also understand that he is not currently in police custody," she wrote in her filing.

She also recalled Everardo returning with “a handwritten letter to me that was incredibly disturbing and indicated his desire to see me again.

"(He) sent and continues to send harassing and threatening messages to me and my family."

A Los Angeles judge granted Del Rey a temporary restraining order shortly after the filing, extending the order of protection to the popstar’s sister Caroline and brother Charles.

Everardo is not allowed to contact Del Rey in any way, must stay 100 yards from her, her home, her workplace, and her car. He is also barred from destroying any personal property of Del Rey’s or of disturbing her “general peace”.

The alleged car thief is also required to turn in any firearms he owns to a law enforcement agency or sell them.

Del Rey and Everardo’s restraining order expires on 5 August, which is the day of their court hearing.