Lakeland Launches First Ever Compostable Cling Film

Anna Lewis
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Photo credit: Lakeland
Photo credit: Lakeland

From Delish

Cling film has always had a bad reputation as far as the environment goes. Unfortunately, cling film is difficult to recycle meaning the majority of it still ends up in landfills, where it can take hundreds of years to degrade. Well not anymore, thanks to Lakeland.

Kitchenware store Lakeland has launched the first ever compostable cling film!

Lakeland’s amazing new cling film (£3.99) is as wonderfully clingy as normal cling: it’s perfect for wrapping up food and covering leftovers. This first-of-its-kind cling film is made from a polyester film derived from fossil origin, which means it can go on your home compost heap once you’re done with it, where it will fully biodegrade in just 12 months. How cool is that?

It’s perforated every 30cm for extra convenience and the packaging is fully recyclable too.

Another great way of making the switch from regular cling film is by using beeswax wraps to wrap leftovers.

These eco food wraps are made from natural materials like organic cotton, jojoba oil, tree rosin and beeswax and have a shelf life of about a year. To use them, you use the heat from your hands to mould the fabric to the shape of the container’s lid or the food itself.

“You can also make origami pouches or boxes out of them to pack snacks or go berry picking,” says Carly from The Beeswax Wraps Company. “Or they can be rolled up and used as a piping bag.”

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