A lager a day = good for your gut

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You may think drinking a lager a day is bad news for your gut - particularly the size of your waistband - but scientists have discovered that it can actually be a boost to your health, specifically the bacteria in your gut.

Yoghurt drinks full of friendly bacteria are widely marketed and readily available on supermarket shelves, however, wandering down to the beer aisle may be beneficial as well, so says a new study.

Researchers at NOVA University Lisbon analysed a group of 19 healthy men aged between 23 and 58 over a one-month period.

They tasked the control group with drinking one bottle of 330ml Super Bock lager with their evening meal, but no other changes to what they ate or drank were made. Half of the group drank full-strength lager, while the others drank a non-alcoholic version.

At the end of the study period, there was no visible difference in the men's weight, fat mass or cholesterol levels. However, analysis of faecal samples revealed an increase of around seven per cent in the range of gut bacteria across the entire group.

Although the study focused on lager, it's thought all types of beer have similar effects, and the authors noted beers with higher amounts of yeast, like unfiltered beers, may have an even greater effect.

Full results have been published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

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