Lady Gaga's latest style inspiration: Edward Scissorhands

Lady Gaga is known for her original fearless style, but recently she has been revisiting old iconic outfits. Last week she morphed into a Donatella Versace look-a-like and then she chanelled Liz Hurley in her iconic safety pin dress.

Last night at her fragrance launch at Harrods she chanelled another 90s icon.... Edward Scissorhands. Yep you heard us, the man with the crazy hair who had scissors for hands played by Johnny Depp.  Gaga jazzed up her sophisticated black gown and blow-dried curls with a gold CLAW.

Scissorhands is certainly an unusual source of fashspiration - but she's not the only singer who has tried to transform their hand into a metal claw. Back in her Sasha Fierce days Beyoncé used to wear one metal claw and Fergie also rocked the scissor hand look.

Who do you think will be Gaga's next target to copy? Look in the gallery above to see pop stars take on the Edward Scissorhands style...

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