Lady Gaga to Nicola Roberts - Pink Hair, The Look That Became A Trend!

18 May 2012

It’s the trend that just won’t go away: pink hair. With the latest celebrity converts, including Nicola Roberts and Coco Rocha, and appearances on the Chanel cruise collection catwalk, pink hair has proven that, for the time being, it’s here to stay. But who started it all? We take a look through the archives to see just when and where this top trend comes from.

Zandra Rhodes, arguably the Queen of the fuchsia barnet, started colouring her hair in ‘the very early seventies’; a fact she revealed to the Telegraph last year. And although at the beginning she used ‘bright clothing dyes’ she now favours a more orthodox (read: safe) method, using ‘Pinkissimo’ hair dye instead. After Rhodes, came Kurt Cobain, the Nirvana frontman who famously dyed his hair for an appearance on Saturday Night Live in 1992. In 1999 the trend for pink hair was resurrected by Gwen Stefani, and Pink (OBVS), hotly followed by terrifying teenager Kelly Osbourne, when she shot to fame in 2001. So far, so rosy – but until recently, these individual pink-haired celebs were out on their own. So what happened to create the cascade of pink we see before us?

zandra rhodes pink hair bathroom 1978
zandra rhodes pink hair bathroom 1978

One word: Gaga. It was at DJ Reflux's Birthday bash in Mach 2009 that Lady Gaga first experimented with a lilac streak in her peroxide bob, and on a trip to London in April 2009 she first experimented with a full lilac-y pink head of hair – stepping on to the flight with her bob, and off it as a mid-length dip-dyed pink princess, as one does. She's experimented with a range of pinks from 2009 until now, creating a ton of looks which we loved (on the whole). And by the looks of things – so did the other celebs in our gallery above…

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