Lady Gaga and her freckles look incredible in this makeup-free selfie

Laura Capon
Photo credit: Instagram/ladygaga

From Cosmopolitan

If we're trying to look on the bright side and think of the positives of lockdown, one of them has to be the acceptance of bare, makeup-free skin.

While at first we spent the first two minutes of every Zoom call profusely apologising for our appearance, I think we've all come to the realisation that no one actually cares whether we're wearing makeup or not.

We're not the only ones feeling this liberation, as Lady Gaga just posted a makeup-free selfie and to prove just how unfazed we now are, on first glance I didn't even notice her natural appearance.

Scrolling through my feed, all I saw was a beautiful picture, taken at golden hour, with an equally beautiful message

"Thinking about the world and sending love. I walk in circles and reflect sometimes about what I want to say. I want to say I love you."

It wasn't until I looked closer at her scattering of sun-kissed freckles, the glow in her cheeks and the natural colouring underneath her eyes, that I realised she didn't have a scrap of makeup on, and I loved it even more.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE makeup and I adore Gaga in full on cyborg punk glam, but I also love real skin acceptance and the message she is spreading, without even realising it.

Here's hoping that as we adjust to the new normal we'll all keep that skin positivity alive.

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