Labour Councillor Filmed ‘Pilfering’ Tory Election Leaflet From Letterbox

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Labour Councillor Filmed ‘Pilfering’ Tory Election Leaflet From Letterbox
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A Labour councillor has been accused of “pilfering” a Tory election leaflet from a voter’s letterbox and replacing it with her own.

Tory MP Tom Randall shared a video of the Labour campaigner which showed her reaching inside the letterbox, pulling out a leaflet, and inserting a red replacement leaflet.

Randall described it as “Labour pilfering” and said he was “surprised and disappointed” to see what he said was an “experienced councillor”, who he did not name, behaving like that.

The Gedling MP posted the video on Wednesday, on the eve of today’s so-called “super Thursday” local elections which will give Keir Starmer his first electoral test against Boris Johnson.

Randall wrote: “On Saturday evening, I returned home from a day’s campaigning to an email that said I’d been seen delivering a leaflet from a doorbell camera.

“The email continued: ’About one hour after your visit another person delivered a different leaflet, which was an election leaflet for councillor Pauline Allen and councillor Michael Payne.

“The person delivering this leaflet decided to remove your leaflet from my letterbox and took it away with them’.”

Randall went on: “On seeing the footage (below) I see that the activist is actually an experienced Labour Gedling Borough councillor. Why did she take it? Because Labour don’t want you to read the truth.”

A Labour source said the party does not condone the behaviour of the person shown in the video.

A spokesperson added: “The Labour Party issues strict election campaigning guidelines to all our of members.”


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