Kyra Sedgwick hit panic button at Tom Cruise's house

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Kyra Sedgwick has never been invited back to Tom Cruise's house after she activated a panic button during a dinner in the '90s.

The actress and her husband Kevin Bacon got invited for dinner alongside a number of celebrity guests at the Mission: Impossible star's home, and she let curiosity get the better of her and began snooping around his place and when she discovered a button under the mantelpiece, she couldn't resist pressing it.

"It was a sad moment, but it was a funny story," she recalled on The Drew Barrymore Show. "(We) got invited over for dinner with lots of famous people, like Demi Moore and Bruce Willis... Rob Reiner was there, it was a flow, and (Tom Cruise's then-wife Nicole Kidman) was there. It was one of those nights that I, you know, often don't get invited to.

"There was this, like, fireplace mantle, and I was looking around and there was this little button underneath the mantle. I was like, 'Oh, what is that little button?' So I pressed the little button because I thought maybe something interesting would happen. Nothing happened... and then I got a little nervous."

She decided to come clean and let the Top Gun actor know what she had done and he revealed the button was for emergency use only.

"The cops came... I think there were more than, like, five cop cars," she remembered. "It was something. I didn't get invited back."