Kylie And Kendall Jenner Got Drunk And Filmed A YouTube Video

Daniella Scott
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Photo credit: Neilson Barnard - Getty Images
Photo credit: Neilson Barnard - Getty Images


Raise your hand if you have ever got drunk and posted a load of videos (which you thought were hilarious) on your Instagram Story?

Now imagine doing that when you're one of the most famous sister duos in the world -that's the hangover Kylie and Kendall Jenner are dealing with this morning.

The pair decided to film a 'drunk get ready with me' for YouTube on March 2 and both shared behind the scenes snippets to their Instagram Stories, featuring Kylie self-proclaiming that she had 'wet herself', Kendall's not-so-muted make up look and an emergency run to McDonalds.

The string of stories began when Kylie shared a picture on of Kendall doing her make up in a handheld Kylie Cosmetics branded mirror along with the caption, 'filming another youtube hehe #drunkgetreadywithme.' From there, things swiftly went downhill.

In the next story posted Kylie shared a picture of bottle of Tequila from Kendall's new brand 818, along with several videos of drunk Kendall trying to get make-up off her tongue, after having her look done, presumably by an equally drunk Kylie. It seems to involve a lot of blush.

Kendall showcased Kylie's look (which involved blue lips, yellow cheeks and a randomly placed hair extension) over on her Story, in a video of Kylie uncontrollably laughing while saying, 'I peed my pants,' making us all miss the feeling of laughing hysterically with your mates about something only you find hilarious.

After falling over each other while playing with Kylie's new puppy Kevin, the next part of the Story shows the two of them heading to McDonalds (not driving themselves) for burgers, spicy nuggets, cinnamon roles and chips. Kylie also tells viewers she hasn't been to McDonalds since before she had Stormi three whole years ago.

Photo credit: Kylie Jenner  - Instagram
Photo credit: Kylie Jenner - Instagram

The big question here is when can we get cinnamon rolls on the menu at McDonalds in the UK?

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