Kylie Jenner's reaction over Tristan Thompson's "unforgivable" behaviour

Photo credit: MARIA ALEJANDRA CARDONA - Getty Images
Photo credit: MARIA ALEJANDRA CARDONA - Getty Images

As you'll all know, season 2 of The Kardashians just premiered. And from the teasers leading up to the drop, it was clear that a lot of the ep was going to be centred around Khloé and the arrival of her new baby boy with her ex, Tristan Thompson. If you have watched it (if you haven't - spoilers alert), you'll know the show also touched on how her family supported her following the news that Tristan had fathered another baby with someone else last year - whilst the pair were expecting their second child.

While different members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan spoke to the cameras about the situation, Khloé's youngest sister, Kylie, revealed her thoughts, specifically how she thought Tristan's behaviour was "unforgivable."

During the episode, the 25-year-old beauty mogul said: "I'm just really disappointed in Tristan. I think it's really f**ked up that he knew he had another baby on the way with somebody else, which makes me uncomfortable to put someone in that position, especially when there's a child involved."

"This was just really unforgivable in my books," she added.

Other members of the Good American founder's family - momager, Kris Jenner, and sisters Kim and Kendall also added to the conversation together, with Kim saying that they're "going to rally around her and just be super supportive."

Kylie then divulged more of her thoughts, saying: "I just didn't like the fact that Tristan knew that this was happening," to which Kendall added: "You were encouraging Khloé to go forward with this, while you knew that that was also happening? It's almost like he wanted to trap her."

Khloé also opened up in a confessional and despite her obvious sadness, expressed how she was determined to stay strong. "This has been a difficult time in my life," she explains. "But it's the start of something positive and happy and beautiful."

We wish Khloé all the best!

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