Kylie Jenner's pink hair was inspired by a fan with Photoshop

Cassie Powney

From Cosmopolitan

For most of us, a hair update usually involves some shower time with a toning shampoo or a cheeky root touch-up. Not so if you're Kylie Jenner, who has had more hair-colour changes this year than family arguments in the kitchen.

And her sisters can't seem to settle on a hair colour either.

Khloe Kardashian kicked things off recently by taking her already brunette hair to a deeper chocolate brown (stunning).

Kim was next up, revealing her new red hair via hair stylist Chris Appleton's Instagram, which he posted alongside the caption: "Red head 🍒 it's NOT a wig before you start with that shit."

So, we didn't start with that shit.

Meanwhile, Kylie was busy stealing the hair limelight from her sisters by going bubble-gum pink, no less, and it turns out a fan account was behind the transformation.

Earlier this week, Kylie shared a picture of herself posing in a Gucci bra (it's been hot, OK?!) with her newly-blonde hair (read: platinum wig).

Said platinum-wig picture turned up on a fan account called @kylieditx, only with a minor tweak... HER HAIR WAS BRIGHT PINK!

Kylie obviously approved, because she shared the look on her stories, and obviously got so much great feedback that the look made it onto her head in RL, alongside the caption: "can you guess my favorite color."

Kylie also added a freckle filter, swishing her pink hair and pouting into the camera. One excitable follower commented back on the fan account: "She really did THIS color you suggested on her new wig style omg."

Now, we're not stupid, we know Kylie loves to switch up her hair colour using wigs, and her latest Instagram selfies have confirmed that she's already back to her natural brunette colour.

But she's open to suggestions (if you've got a good hair-filter app or some Photoshop skills...)

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