Kylie Jenner wore a butt-length studded braid for Stormi's birthday

Cassie Powney
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Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

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So many birthday celebrations have been cancelled due to lockdown, and what do we do in the face of adversity? Put on a face-full of makeup, do our hair and look totally extra for the family Zoom quiz. Or in Kylie Jenner's case (her daughter Stormi just turned three), turn the house into a theme park, invite the cousins over and pierce your plait.

Kylie switches up her hair A LOT, especially the colour, which has been vibrant red, Barbie-blonde and back to her signature black in a matter of months. But the one hairstyle she returns to again and again is her super-long Lara Croft style braid (and can we blame her?)

Kylie took to Instagram to tell fans: "Stormi World 3 is cancelled, for obvious reasons, but I still went all out for Stormi at my house and we are just doing a cousin party with all her cousins and her family which will still be just as amazing."

And amazing it was, with balloons (so many balloons), food vans, a Stormi-themed inflatable and a candy shop. Kylie wore a neon orange puffa jacket for the occasion, teamed with the pièce de résistance: a butt-length braid decorated with what looked like diamond studs.

That's right, even her plait had its own jewellery, and we're not going to lie, we were a little bit mesmerised as she swished it over her shoulder and sang happy birthday to Stormi...


Today's plans? Plaiting my hair and piercing it... you?

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