How Kylie Jenner reacted to being asked about her son's new name

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Photo credit: Ricky Vigil M - Getty Images
Photo credit: Ricky Vigil M - Getty Images

Kylie Jenner's new baby name has been the topic of Kardashian-Jenner fan speculation for literally months, ever since she and Travis Scott welcomed their second child together back in February.

To recap, the pair originally announced that their baby boy was called Wolf Webster, before later revealing that they'd made the decision to change their son's name. While Kylie and Travis are yet to give fans an update on the new selection, many fans have been busy sharing theories over what the little one could be called.

Now, Kylie has reacted to questions over the name, and followers officially can't deal with her response.

Photo credit: Ricky Vigil M - Getty Images
Photo credit: Ricky Vigil M - Getty Images

Appearing at her Kylie Cosmetics x Ulta Beauty launch in LA earlier this week, Kylie filmed a video with TikToker Colt Paulsen. In the clip Kylie is seen apparently 'whispering' her son's name in Colt's ear while he gasps, with the TikToker adding the caption "Kylie Jenner told me the name" in all caps. He added, "Lips are sealed with a K! 🙈". Cryptic!

Fans have of course been busy attempting to decipher Kylie's whisper, with one commenting, "Okay so multiple syllables, got it." Others were just very excited about the whole thing, with a second writing, "Ahhh! I’m screaming!"

Still, the whole video is pretty loud and Kylie's mouth is covered, so it's hard to tell whether she actually whispered her son's real name to Colt or not. Some fans were unfortunately not convinced, commenting, "This is a joke there is NO way she told him." Another added, "'Kylie pretend to tell me the name for this video real quick'😭."

Back in March, Kylie told Instagram followers, "FYI our sons [sic] name isn’t Wolf anymore 😅😅 We just really didn’t feel like it was him. Just wanted to share because I keep seeing Wolf everywhere. 🙏".

We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for an official update.

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