Kylie Jenner now has chocolate brown hair and people's reactions are off the scale

Cassie Powney

From Cosmopolitan

If, like me, you've been trying to keep up with the Kardashian-Jenner clan's hair colour changes this week, you're probably ready to lie down in a very dark room.

In the time it's taken me to run a brush through my hair, Kim has gone bright red and Khloe a deep chocolate brown. But their frantic hair dyeing activity is nothing compared to their younger sister's, who has clearly had some time on her hands this week...

It all began when the make-up mogul posted a selfie showing off her new poker-straight platinum blonde hair. The world put two and two together and realised it was a wig, despite Kylie mentioning back in May that she wanted to get her hair back to blonde (dramatic hair transitions take time, right?)

When a fan account tweaked the shot to give Kylie bright pink hair, the star shared it on her stories, and obviously got sooo much love for it that she posted her own RL version on her grid.

This bubblegum delight was obviously another wig, which begged the question: what the hell is Kylie's natural hair colour?

All was revealed (kind of) when her latest set of impossibly-glossy shots hit Instagram, revealing long, brunette hair with beautiful chocolate tones. Her hairstylist Chris Appleton also posted one of the shots, taking credit for her stunning new look by telling fans: "Colored Kylies hair light chocolate brown 🍫 who's in to it?"

According to her sisters, this new colour is a keeper, with Kim commenting: "Damnnnnnn I am LOVING this hair color"

Khloe was even more enthusiastic about the new look, saying: "I literally just fainted!!!!! Gagged! Dead! All of that!!!

Can someone go check on Khloe please? We're worried about her...

Our verdict on Kylie's newest hair hue? It totally suits her, but we don't want to get too emotionally invested because tomorrow it will be something entirely different and we'll feel all discombobulated again *takes a shuddery deep breath and deletes Instagram*

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