Kylie Jenner hits out at Kim Kardashian over SKIMS PR package

kylie jenner hits out at kim kardashian over pr package
Kylie Jenner calls Kim out in Instagram comments Getty Images

It turns out the Kardashian Jenner family are just as petty as us when it comes to their sibling squabbles, after Kylie Jenner hilariously called Kim Kardashian out on Instagram last night, over a SKIMS PR package.

Yesterday evening Kylie shared a number of pictures of herself in a black onesie with knee high black boots, in a green field, captioning the post: "kyventures".

The post was incredibly popular with her fans, quickly getting over 5 million likes, with many people commenting on how great she looked. However, her older sister Kim had a slightly different comment to make.

kylie jenner hits out at kim kardashian over pr package
Instagram @kyliejenner

Kim asked for Kylie to tag her shape wear brand SKIMS in the post, so fans would know where to buy it from, saying: "can u tag @skims please LOL."

It's a pretty fair request, seeing as Kylie appears to be wearing the raw edge SKIMS onesie in the gunmetal shade, which is currently available for £78 on the SKIMS website. It also comes in white, blue and black.

However, Kylie was less than impressed with Kim's comment and joked back saying she had to steal the onesie from their mum's house, in order to wear it.

She replied back to Kim: "I had to steal this from mom's house and now you want me to promote?!!!!' Wow."

kylie jenner hits out at kim kardashian over pr package
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Kardashian fans were obsessed with the petty interaction between the siblings, with one person commenting on the post: "Rich and famous yet still normal sister drama. Real you is the best."

Another asked why Kylie didn't receive the SKIMS initially, saying: "Why didn't she get a promo box?😂😂."

And another praised Kim's business sense, saying: "Kim is such a businesswoman 😂😂😂."

Just to clarify, Kylie has still not tagged SKIMS in her post. Oh, we love a bit of petty sibling drama.

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