Kylie Jenner explains why name Wolf didn’t work for her son

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Kylie Jenner has shed some light as to why the name Wolf didn’t work out for her six-month-year-old son.

The billionaire, 24, announced the birth of her son with Travis Scott on 6 February this year, clarifying that he was born on 2 February, before sharing on 11 February that the couple had named their newborn “Wolf Webster”.

But in a screeching U-Turn, Jenner told her 320 million Instagram followers 21 March that her child’s name “isn’t Wolf anymore”, saying: “We just really didn’t feel like it was him. Just wanted to share because I keep seeing Wolf everywhere.”

Offering an extended explanation as to the name change, she said in a clip from The Kardashians: “Wolf was never on our list, it was actually something Khloe suggested and I liked the name – it just wasn’t him.”

Kim Kardashian, her older sister, adds: “Naming a child is the hardest thing in the world.”

Asked if she has a name yet, Jenner quickly responds: “No.”

Following the initial announcement of her son’s name, fans reckoned Jenner and Scott had named their son “Angel” after friends and family posted angel-themed comments on Jenner’s Instagram.

A number of Reddit users also speculated on what Jenner has picked as a replacement name, with one user reckoning it could be linked to her daughter, Stormi Webster.

The person wrote: “I know Kylie’s baby boy name is Knight. Stormi and Knight. That is right, I am calling it. Only time will tell if I am right but it seems ‘perfect’ for Kylie and Travis.”

The theory picked up substantial support on the platform, with one user adding: “Honestly for a girl that named her baby Stormi with an i, Knight is pretty par for the course. Wouldn’t surprise me.”