Kuti's 'unacceptable' grease and overflowing bins prompt inspection

'Unacceptable' grease and overflowing bins at Kuti's of Southampton prompted a surprise visit and reinspection <i>(Image: Newsquest)</i>
'Unacceptable' grease and overflowing bins at Kuti's of Southampton prompted a surprise visit and reinspection (Image: Newsquest)

Overflowing bins and food spillages were found at a popular Indian restaurant following an inspection sparked by a complaint about rats.

Health inspectors paid a surprise visit to Kuti’s of Southampton after concerns were raised by a member of the public.

They warned the restaurant that if their initial visit was the official reinspection, it would likely receive a one out of five rating.

Waste attracting birds and rats

Daily Echo:
Daily Echo:

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When visiting the site on January 18, then operating as Kuti’s Brasserie, inspectors discovered bins that were “excessively full” in the restaurant’s rear yard.

In an email to Kuti’s - shared with the Echo - following the initial visit, inspectors said “urgent action is required.”

The waste on top of the overflowing pile of bins was being “attacked by birds.”

Spilled waste was also found in the yard, while food debris was spotted under the restaurant’s bars.

The inspector warned of the potential risk of rats due to “stagnant foul water” in the outside drain and doors to storage containers not closing.

The restaurant at the Grade II-listed Royal Pier gatehouse was officially re-inspected one week later on January 25.

It was awarded a three rating of ‘generally satisfactory’ – a drop from its last rating of five in November 2021.

'Very poor state'

Daily Echo: Bins outside Kuti's of Southampton
Daily Echo: Bins outside Kuti's of Southampton

Bins outside Kuti's of Southampton (Image: Newsquest)

In the report, the officer notes how during the initial complaint investigation, the rear yard was in a “very poor state, with excessive bins that were excessively full and had open lids.”

It continues: “The yard surface around the bins was dirty with spilled waste including food debris.”

More frequent cleaning of the restaurant floor was also required.

A “build-up” of grease was found in the lobby next to the rear door.

Outside, the drain gulley in the rear yard was blocked, resulting in stagnant foul water pooling around the drain.

The drain shares the yard with storage containers used for food, and the inspectors advised clearing the gulley to prevent contamination and attracting rats, which could enter the restaurant.

'There is nothing wrong'

Daily Echo: Kuti Miah
Daily Echo: Kuti Miah

Kuti Miah (Image: Newsquest)

Improvements to the restaurant were made for the official reinspection, the report details.

The yard area was cleared of excessive waste making it “visibly cleaner and more organised.”

The report said: “The waste had been removed and the oil drums moved.”

However, it does not say whether changes were made to the other notable issues.

Director Kuti Miah claims that the rubbish does not belong to the restaurant.

He said: “I invite people to come along and see my kitchen.

“There is nothing wrong and we are still improving. I have a cleaner seven days a week.”

The hygiene report is addressed to KZCA Ltd, Kuti’s of Southampton, which was incorporated on November 4 2022.

This comes after the Echo previously revealed Joytun Bari Limited, the company behind Kuti’s, voluntarily went into administration.

The company owes creditors £840,000, Companies House filings show.

Speaking at the time, Mr Miah said the restaurant would not be affected.

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