Kung Fu Tea Brings Drink-Themed Costumes To Spirit Halloween

boba tea Halloween costumes
boba tea Halloween costumes - Kung Fu Tea x Spirit Halloween

Although some Halloween costumes, such as ghosts, witches, and pirates, are timeless, others spend just a season or so in the spotlight. Last year's popular costume themes included "Stranger Things," "Hocus Pocus," and Harley Quinn, but will 2023 be the year that everyone dresses up as boba tea? Vendors, including Amazon and Etsy, are selling boba tea costumes in sizes from baby to adult, but Spirit Halloween seems to be banking on this trend. Not only does it have a generic boba tea kids' costume, but it has also partnered with Kung Fu Tea to release a line of branded boba-themed costumes.

These costumes, only available in adult sizes (sorry, small persons), include cup-shaped, straw-topped suits in three different "flavors": tan milk tea, lavender-colored taro, and pale green matcha with a milky white topper. There's also a "Boba Buddy" costume, which appears to be similar to the milk tea one but has the chain's cartoon mascot printed on the cup. If you're looking for something a little more form-fitting, there's also a strawberry-pink mini dress printed with the Kung Fu tea logo and a boba-patterned hem. All these costumes are now available on Spirit's website and are priced at $49.99 each, except for the dress, which costs $10 less. (This checks out since it involves a lot less material.)

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Kung Fu Tea, Too, Is Getting Into The Halloween Spirit

Spirit Spooky Slush drinks
Spirit Spooky Slush drinks - Kung Fu Tea x Spirit Halloween

The costumes are offered for sale only at Spirit Halloween stores and on its website. However, Kung Fu Tea has something special for Halloween, too. Last year, the chain went in for pumpkin-themed drinks, but this year, it's got something else on tap — a Spirit Spooky Slush. This drink, which will drop on October 1, has a base of matcha milk tea with a taro milk swirl and is garnished with crumbled Oreo cookies. It even comes in a souvenir cup bearing Spirit Halloween's Jack the Reaper logo. However, what you won't get is any boba because what makes this milk tea a slushie is the fact that it's blended with ice, leaving no room for the boba pearls to float.

Despite the Spirit Spooky Slush's sad lack of boba, there is some consolation. If you're among the first to order this seasonal specialty, you may be able to score some special Spirit merch. The first 100 customers at any given Kung Fu tea location will get a Jack the Reaper straw hat, while the first 300 may receive a special sticker.

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