Kristin Chenoweth needed extra oxygen for first post-COVID concert

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Broadway star and actress Kristin Chenoweth had to suck up extra oxygen to make it through her first post-COVID concert at the weekend – because she was singing at such high altitude.

The singer performed with the Utah Symphony orchestra on Saturday in Park City, a ski resort, which made getting back on stage quite challenging.

"I was extremely nervous," she told Live with Kelly and Ryan. "I was on family vacation in Destin, Florida, at sea level, and I went directly to the highest place... I do suffer from asthma and I have vertigo so I had to kind of acclimate and they had these oxygen things. It kind of looks like you're huffing gasoline, but... it's oxygen."

Kristin not only made it through the show with flying colours, but fared better than she did a few years ago at the same lofty location.

"The last time I was there..., they brought out a big tank (of oxygen). I was so out of shape," she groaned. "This time I was surprised at how well it went. I've been practising but there's nothing like doing a two-hour show after a year and a half.

"But I got to do it – I used the (oxygen) thing. At the end of act one (of the show), I was leaning over just breathing, (telling myself) 'Take your break, don't rush it'."

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