Kristen Stewart Reveals She’d Join A Marvel Movie On One Big Condition

 Kristen Stewart blonde in Happiest Season.
Kristen Stewart blonde in Happiest Season.

The superhero genre has been a powerful force in the entertainment industry, one that's showing no signs of slowing down. Fans have spent years watching the Marvel movies in order, and look forward to future projects coming both to theaters and streaming with a Disney+ subscription. A number of A-listers have joined the shared universe, although there are still some that fans would like to see appear in an upcoming Marvel movie. Chief among them is Twilight icon Kristen Stewart, who recently revealed the one condition that could get her to jump into Marvel.

The best Kristen Stewart movies have spanned a number of genres, including playing Bella in Twilight and kicking ass in the Charlie's Angels reboot (although she hated filming it). While appearing on the Not Skinny Not Fat podcast to promote her new movie Love Lies Bleeding, she revealed the one way she'd join the MCU, offering:

I will likely never do a Marvel movie... If Greta Gerwig asked me to do a Marvel movie, then I would do it.

Honestly, sign me up. Greta Gerwig is an acclaimed filmmaker who has crushed it with both original screenplays and adaptations like Little Women. And after the record-breaking success of Barbie, it seems like she could jump on just about any projects she wants. And if she's helming a Marvel movie, that could convince Stewart to get in on the comic book fun.

While originally saying she'll likely never join a MCU project, Stewart backtracked on the podcast and said it would have to be a dream director like Gerwig. And this doesn't seem like a total impossibility. After all, Chloé Zhao went from her Oscar winning movie Nomadland to helming Eternals.

Moviegoers have wanted the Spencer actress to join the MCU for some time, even debating which Marvel characters Kristen Stewart could play, including Lady Deadpool. We'll just have to wait and see if that character ends up debuting in Deadpool & Wolverine.

Of course, signing onto a Marvel role is a huge commitment that not all actors are into. Usually they sign multi-movie deals with the studio, and can be contracted to film whenever the MCU might need them. That could be affecting Stewart's opinion about joining the shared universe. And as such, it's going to take extenuating circumstances like Greta Gerwig's involvement in order to get her in on the fun.

For now, Stewart has been keeping busy with a number of projects. She recently got her first Oscar nomination for Spencer, did a queer rom-com with Happiest Season, and her new movie Love Lies Bleeding is getting a ton of buzz.

Love Lies Bleeding is in theaters now. While we wait to see if Stewart ever joins the MCU, check out the 2024 movie release dates.