Kristen Louelle’s Hot Take on Mani-Pedis Has Fans Divided

Kristen Louelle.<p>Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images</p>
Kristen Louelle.

Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images

Kristen Louelle, a 2021 Swim Search finalist, recently shared a hot take on an episode of her podcast, Barely Filtered, which she cohosts with Aurora Culpo. The content creator and mom of three stated that she thinks women should have their fingernails and toenails done at all times.

“I think girls should get their nails and toes done every two to three weeks,” Louelle stated in a Nov. 8 Instagram clip from the show. “They should always, like, take pride in that... Or just take pride in having a clean nothing, with like a clear polish.”

Culpo chimed in to note that getting your nails done professionally every few weeks is expensive. She also added that she prefers to keep her nails natural without polish whatsoever. “Like, I actually think it’s beautiful when girls don’t have anything on their nails,” she noted.

Louelle clarified her stance in her caption, and asked her 112,000 followers to chime in on the matter–and the responses were quite divided.

“Hot take: toes with no pedicure freak me out 😬,” she wrote. “Thoughts???”

“100000 agree!” one person declared. “You can tell everything about someone by their personal grooming IMO. I’m a busy mom but my hands, toes and roots are always handled and I shower every single day 💥.”

“I’m a bare clean nail kinda girlie,” a user admitted.

“Not everyone has the time or resources to have always manicured nails - let’s reserve judgment & have grace for those people ❤️,” one person pointed out.

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