Krispy Kreme's Platinum Card Entitles You To A Year's Supply Of Free Doughnuts

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Photo credit: Krispy Kreme - Getty Images
Photo credit: Krispy Kreme - Getty Images

You didn't think Krispy Kreme were going to stop at a brand-new doughnut range to celebrate Her Majesty's 70-year reign now, did you?

Yep! The iconic doughnut retailer has not only introduced three limited-edition flavours, but they've also welcomed a Platinum Card... and you can pretty much guess what that means, right? FREE DOUGHNUTS.

Initially launched as invite-only to reward Krispy Kreme fans for their contributions to their communities and the nation, an additional 70 people will also be able to volunteer themselves up to win a card by entering the brand's Jubilee Competition.

From now until Sunday 5 June, all customers that purchase a Choose Your Own Dozen at one of 11 Krispy Kreme Hotlight Theatre shops will be in with a chance of finding a winning ticket, entitling them to a Platinum Card which in turn, gives them one year’s worth of free doughnuts. *Frantically searches for nearest Krispy Kreme Hotlight Theatre shop...*

The fun isn't stopping there either, Krispy Kreme is also giving doughnut-enthusiasts the chance to win a dozen Original Glazed Doughnuts every 70 minutes from Thursday 2 to Sunday 5 June in one of their shops across the UK.

If it's the actual limited-edition doughnut flavours you're interested in, then here's the breakdown...

Available between 30 May and 5 June, Krispy Kreme has marked Her Majesty’s 70-year reign with three brand-new, tasty doughnuts: Jubilee Joy, Celebration Crown and Platinum Sprinkles, as well as a Platinum Jubilee Dozen box.

  • Jubilee Joy (£2.45) - filled with strawberries and kreme, dipped in purple icing, sprinkled with white sprinkles with a Jubilee emblem plaque.

  • Celebration Crown (£2.45) - filled with cherry kreme, dipped in white icing, with blue and red lines, with a Union Jack crown plaque.

  • Platinum Sprinkles (£2.05) - dipped in red icing and topped with white, blue and red jubilee sprinkles.

  • Platinum Jubilee Dozen (£15.95) - 3 Jubilee Joy, 3 Celebration Crown, 3 Platinum Sprinkles, and 3 Original Glazed Doughnuts.

Photo credit: Krispy Kreme
Photo credit: Krispy Kreme
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