Krispy Kreme Has Launched A New Toffee Crisp Doughnut And We Can’t Cope

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Maybe it’s just us that thinks this, but Toffee Crisps are wildly underrated, right? It’s a hell of a chocolate bar, but no one ever seems to sing its praises, poor thing.

Well, we’re fed up of it not getting the respect it deserves, and it seems like Krispy Kreme feels the same way, as the iconic doughnut company has launched a new doughnut in its honour.

Krispy Kreme’s new Toffee Krispy doughnut is a ring doughnut covered with crispy cereal pieces and caramel. Then it’s smothered in milk chocolate and more delicious caramel sauce.

Now tell me that doesn’t sound like a dream come true.

Krispy Kreme has also released another toffee-themed doughnut. The Sticky Toffee doughnut features a rich and indulgent toffee filling with a chocolatey icing and toffee pieces on top.

You can pick up these new doughnuts in stores now.

You might also be interested in giving Krispy Kreme’s ice cream-inspired range a go too?

The Summer Chill range sees the iconic doughnut brand bring the flavours of mint choc chip and raspberry ripple to their doughnuts.

So, let’s hear a little more about them, shall we? Well, Krispy Kreme’s Mint Choc Chip doughnut features a chocolatey mint filling and is decorated with chocolate sugar mint nibs and dark chocolate icing.

While the Raspberry Ripple flavoured doughnut features a fruity raspberry filling topped with brownie, raspberry pieces and a raspberry ripple drizzle.

Right then, who fancies going halves on a Krispy Kreme delivery?

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