Kris Jenner goes makeup-free in skincare routine video and she looks incredible

Photo credit: Kris Jenner/@krisjenner
Photo credit: Kris Jenner/@krisjenner

Recently, more and more celebs have been posting makeup-free pictures and videos on Instagram. In the past few months alone, we’ve had Hailey Bieber, Jennifer Lopez and even Kim Kardashian all go bare-faced on social media. Now, everybody’s favourite momager, aka Kris Jenner, is the latest celeb to join them.

In the video, Kris is helping to promote Kim’s new skincare range SKKN by Kim. Gotta earn that 10%, right? Jokessss – we love how supportive this family are to each other. The mum-of-six starts off with her usual glam, including smoky eyeliner, thick eyebrows and a nude lip. She begins, explaining that as a woman in her 60s, it’s “amazing” to find a routine that actually works.

“I remember the first two days I did it, I came downstairs at my house and my cousin walked in the room and said, ‘Wow, what did you do to your skin?’” says Kris. “So I knew that Kim was onto something, and I just wanted to share my little routine with you.”

Beginning with, of course, the cleanser, Kris proceeds to take off her makeup, using a hot cloth to wipe away any leftover dirt. She then follows up with the exfoliator, toner, hyaluronic acid serum, vitamin C serum, face cream, face oil and, finally, eye cream.

Now, of course, this is quiiite a lot of product for just one routine but I guess the point of this video is to showcase every formula in the range. So that's probably just something to keep in mind.

However, one thing that we can’t stop thinking about is how incredible Kris’ skin looks without any makeup. Of course, celebs are treated to the best of the best skin treatments but even so, her complexion is glowing.

Fans agree, too, as they began inundating the post:

One user wrote: “love seeing her bare skin, it’s gorgeous!”

Another added: “Gorgeous with zero makeup amazing❤️”

One fan said: “Kris, you look amazing without makeup!! 😍”

There was also:

“God she's Awesome and so beautiful 😍”

“Oh my goodness she looks soooo beautiful without makeup 😍❤️”

“Wait what! Her skin looks amazing.”

“This literally just sold me on the products like…. I love you so much lol @krisjenner and your skin when you finished!!!!! literally glowing ✨😍🤍”

…you get the picture.

Basically, it’s just another day of Kris Jenner being an absolute icon.

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