Kourtney Kardashian keeps lock of son's hair in a drawer

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Kourtney Kardashian keeps a lock of her son Reign's hair in a drawer.

During a chat with Khloé Kardashian for Interview magazine, the sisters opened up about what they keep in their bedrooms.

As part of the discussion, Kourtney revealed that she will never throw away a braid of the seven-year-old's hair.

"I have Reign's hair, because we didn't cut his hair until he was five. So, I have his long braid and I smell it often," she shared.

Elsewhere in the chat, Kourtney noted that she likes to splash out on luxury silk pyjamas as they make her feel "divine".

But she has specific requirements when it comes to sleepwear, though she sometimes prefers to wear her husband Travis Barker's underwear.

"Always with long sleeves and long pants. Or a vintage T-shirt (and) Travis's boxers. And then if it's just me and him, then it's a little nothing or boxers and no shirt. I don't know. I switch it up. I always got to keep it interesting," the 43-year-old smiled.